In case you didn't know already, there's a new documentary about singer-songwriter Elliott Smith, who died in 2003. The filmmaker, Nickolas Rossi, has been making the film-festival rounds in the U.S. and has just released the first four minutes of the documentary, which is called 'Heaven Adores You,' online.

The short clip is centered on a 1998 interview with Smith, in which he discussed his Oscar nomination for the song 'Miss Misery' -- a track that director Gus Van Sant used in his movie 'Good Will Hunting.'

Smith and others talk about how performing at the Oscars changed Smith's life, bringing him into the mainstream spotlight.

The interviewer mentioned that Smith had once said he'd never be a big rock star, and Smith replied, "Well, I said it because I think that's true, but I'm not trying to avoid anything. Just, I'd have to be more ... I'm the wrong kind of person to be really big and famous."

'Heaven Adores You' is being screened at select theaters around the country. To see the screening dates and locations, visit the documentary's website.

Here's the teaser trailer for the documentary: