As Emilyn Brodsky gears up for the release of her sophomore LP, 'Emilyn Brodsky Eats Her Feelings,' Diffuser has teamed up with her to give fans a taste of what to expect with the brand-new track, 'Born Again.' You can hear the song in the player below.

Whether you're having the best day or your life or experiencing gloomier times, 'Born Again' will likely speak to you in one way or another. With lyrics like, "It won't feel like a good idea / And it might not go fine / It might take you a couple of years / But you gotta make the time," Brodsky cuts right to the soul in a beautifully staggering manner. Her voice is ravishing and the musical arrangement is simple enough to enjoy on the first listen, but intricate enough that it warrants a second (or third or fourth) spin.

"'Born Again' is a delightful pop song that I wrote on a miserable afternoon while I considered changing my life," the singer-songwriter tells us. "I feel that's not an unusual inspiration for song writing but what I do think is unusual is that I actually did change my life after I wrote it; got out of a failing long-term relationship and got sober -- this happened not instantaneously, of course, but in the following months."

Brodsky hopes that 'Born Again' will have a similar effect on you: "Look, I'm not saying that this pop song is going to improve your quality of life, or even spur you towards positive action ... BUT WHAT IF IT DID?! WHAT IF IT DID?!"

You may recognize Brodsky as she appeared on an episode of the HBO series, 'Girls,' as herself and performed her song, 'Someone Belongs Here' -- the first single from her upcoming record.

'Emilyn Brodsky Eats Her Feelings' is set for release on Sept. 23 via Dead Stare. Get details on the album -- and everything else happening with Brodsky -- at her official website here.