With the end of summer and the arrival of Labor Day weekend comes the end of our first-ever Diffuser.fm End of Summer Survey, so it's time to see the results! There have been so many killer summer anthems, awesome new albums, amazing summer tours, crazy moments and much more going on over the last three months that it certainly wasn't easy to pick just one in each category. But ultimately each voter (that's you!) chose only one winner for each.

So, what was your Summer Jam? The super-fun fun. tune 'Some Nights' with 29% of votes edged out Dave Matthews Band's 'Mercy' and its 25% to win the category, giving fun. a summer worth remembering -- and a song you won't soon forget. Muse's 'Survival,' Florence + the Machine's 'Breathe' and Green Day's 'Oh Love' rounded things out, each getting just over 15% of the tally.

Lollapalooza snagged nearly 59% of the votes in the Best Summer Festival category to take home that award, easily beating Bonnaroo and its 31% of the votes. The Newport Folk Festival (6%), Pitchfork fest (5%) and Primavera were all distant runners up.

The Album of the Summer category wasn't all that close either. Smashing Pumpkins took in 45% of the votes, easily beating Fiona Apple's 'The Idler Wheel,' the Hives' 'Lex Hives' and the Dirty Projectors' 'Swing Lo Magellan.' The Summer's Best New Video (Jack White's badass 'Freedom at 21,' 56%) and Summer BBQ Soundtrack (the Black Keys, 47%) categories weren't close either, but it was a much closer contest for Summer Drinking Buddy, with Jack White and the Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl virtually neck-to-neck in the results.

Find out who won that category and the rest -- including the Song That Best Described Your Summer -- in the poll results below!