The EndAnd story is a family affair of sorts. The band’s history is one of collaboration by members of King Killer Studios in Brooklyn. What began as a duo featuring singer-guitarist Daniel Fern and drummer Mike Morales expanded to a trio when they asked bassist Bill Fitzgerald -- he of fellow King Killer band Capita Clip -- to join the effort. A week later, Fitzgerald was onstage performing EndAnd’s 2012 debut, ‘Adventures of Fi in Space,’ at its record-release show.

Other King Killer Studios musicians helped contribute to EndAnd’s first album, which drew from their two previous EPs, ‘Adventures of Hi Fi’ and ‘Adventures of Lo Fi.’ All these studio collaborations and impressive past releases have earned the noise-punk band their share of praise and led them to where they are now, celebrating the release of their second album, ‘Mechanics & Energetics of Stilt-Running.’

‘Mechanics & Energetics’ packs emotional intensity and demonstrates the band members’ abilities, and this can be heard in today’s free MP3 download, ‘Snow Song.’ After a striking nearly minute-long guitar intro, the song gives way to powerful vocals that relate the emotion and intensity Fern felt when writing the song.

“The album is immensely personal and angry,” he tells “It’s 11 songs and only 21:30 minutes. Its themes are focused mainly around immigration and being trapped mentally and physically in a situation one does not have control over.”
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