Erin Rae has always been surrounded by folk music; growing up in Tennessee, both of her parents were part-time musicians, performing at churches, county fairs and local coffee joints throughout the western part of the state. That heritage is ingrained in her debut full-length album, Soon Enough, scheduled to hit the streets on Sept. 4, 2015. Today (June 26), Diffuser is thrilled to partner with Rae and her band, the Meanwhiles, to unveil the record's title-track -- you can stream "Soon Enough" in the audio player below.

With subtly complex music and beautiful vocals, Rae paints an inspiring picture with the new song, one that holds special meaning to her. "I wrote 'Soon Enough' back in 2012, I think, in the spring, and it is kind of a combination of encouraging myself as a 22-year-old, and a couple of specific people I was close to at the time; a close friend and my sister," she recalls. "And then beyond that, it's just a general overtone of encouraging anyone to be at ease with themselves and their experience ... like, "It's all good."

As Rae discusses the track, she admits that it's not only important to her, but it is foundational for the entire album. "Some songs on the record are more light-hearted, young relationship songs, but more of them reach into the topics of mental illness, and processing this human emotional experience. "Soon Enough" sort of stuck in my mind as the concept for this album -- just trying to allow all parts of life to happen as they will and not being too hard on ourselves while we learn."

Rae partnered with Mike Rinne to co-produce the upcoming LP: "His amazing work ethic and talent helped make this album a reality in so many ways. We started talking about it two years ago," she says, adding, "The harmonies are so beautiful that Molly Parden and Cori Bechler sing, and it really helps capture that sweet little girl place that the song comes from."

Soon Enough is available now for pre-order at Erin Rae and the Meanwhiles' official Bandcamp page -- you can grab details on the record here -- and make sure to stay current with everything happening in the world of Rae  at this location.