Self-described "Wonka-funk, keyboard-driven octet," Every Flavor Weather Machine are celebrating the release of their latest EP, 'Bullhorn,' today (Nov. 4)! To give fans a little taste of their new music, they've teamed up with Diffuser to share their latest track, 'Do What I Can.' Check it out in the audio player above.

While the first single released, 'Bullhorn (Get to Work),' introduces many new fans to the band's immense talent, 'Do What I Can' showcases their dynamic sensibilities, fusing funk, soul, blues, gospel and rock and roll all together for one mesmerizing song.

"Gospel music, just like the blues, has always been about the truth," the band tells us. "The songs are often called 'spirituals,' and maybe that's because you don't really have to be religious to connect to them. They are for anyone with spirit."

And anyone with spirit will likely feel instantly drawn to the constant build-up of 'Do What I Can.' "It's simple music, too, so anyone can join in -- the music of the people," they explain. "That's the part we like best about it. So, here's our own footnote in the long tradition. Think of it as blues for church, your own church, whatever it may be."

Get details on 'Bullhorn' -- and everything else happening with Every Flavor Weather Machine -- right here.