With a sound that hearkens memories of ‘90s-era alternative country and Americana, Anton Kellner and the Lone Stars are still celebrating the release of their recent full-length record, You Were the Fire. Hitting the streets last summer, You Were the Fire is packed with a compelling indie-folk sound, perhaps most notably found in the fifth track, “Recaption (Sparks Flew).” Today (March 4), Diffuser is ecstatic to premiere the band’s official music video for that song -- check it out above.

“To sum up the lyrical content of ‘Recaption (Sparks Flew),’ the song is about being trapped in an emotion or feeling that you can’t get out of, hence the overuse of the word ‘landlocked’ to capture that entrapment,” frontman Anton Kellner tells us. “We wanted to film this video in a not-so-straightforward type script, but with a more artistic subliminal approach.”

Kellner admits that after watching it, some viewers may “be totally confused, but once the words and melodies are put into perspective with the film, it will make total sense.”

As for the continuous shot throughout the video, the frontman explains that it is “supposed to be dizzying, nauseating, anxiety-driven and just straight up give an overall feeling of being trapped.” He somewhat jokingly adds, “It’s highly recommended to not watch the video when you are sober.”

If you like what you hear -- and see -- with "Recaption (Sparks Flew)," make sure to pick up Anton Kellner and the Lone Stars' latest self-released effort, You Were the Fire. You can get details on the album, as well as everything happening in the trio's world, at the band's official website here.