Based in New York City, Johnnie Lee Jordan has unveiled the details surrounding his debut LP, Run. Set to hit the streets on Feb. 24, the record is built on the foundation of Jordan’s experiences performing on the Lower East Side, and today (Feb. 17), Diffuser is beyond excited to debut the new single, “The Surprise Party” -- take it for a spin in the audio player below.

You’re likely more familiar with Jordan’s work than you might think; from performing at CMJ to appearing in Gap’s "Back to Blue" campaign, he's also performed on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

As for "The Surprise Party," it's not quite as somber as it sounds the first time you hear it. “This song might seem and sound downtrodden, but for me, it’s triumphant,” Jordan tells us. “This is the first time I’ve said what I wanted to say, lyrically and sonically.”

He goes on, “I grew up in the tail end of the ‘90s when hip-hop shared the mainstream with rock and roll. For me, Wu-Tang Clan and the Beasties were just as important as Sonic Youth or any other guitar-driven music. That era of hip-hop left a huge dent. You can hear that in ‘The Surprise Party.’ It’s not forced or cheeky; I’m headed in this direction and that’s why it’s the last tune on Run."

That musical influence is quite evident in "The Surprise Party," blending perfectly with Jordan's music and production (he produced the song himself). “The instrumentation on the track is vocals atop a single organ,” he explains. “A church near my apartment was throwing it out, so I sued a couple of skateboards as a makeshift dolly and lugged the organ home. The superintendent of my building helped me get it through the door, so props to Ponce! I like those kinds of stories."

So do we, and that is, without a doubt, a quintessential New York story.

If you like what you hear with "The Surprise Party," stay tuned for more from Run, and make sure to stay up-to-date with everything happening in Jordan's world via his official Facebook page.