On April 7, indie rockers Löwin will celebrate the release of their debut EP, Royal Jelly. Recorded at 5th Street Studios in Austin, Texas, the seven-track disc explores the idea that the sentiments of fierce and gentle can actually co-exist, and today (April 2), Diffuser is excited to give fans a taste of what to expect with the EP's third track, "Move It Football Head" -- spin it in the audio player below.

If the name of the song feels nostalgic to you, that's probably because it harkens memories of your Nickelodeon-viewing days. "[The track] gets its name from a character on Hey! Arnold from the late '90s," frontwoman Sara Houser tells us, though that's where the cartoon connections stop. "I wrote a lot of the lyrics for anyone who has longed for something seemingly unobtainable, whether it be a dream or a love interest."

She goes on, "We wanted the music to reflect that feeling of not knowing whether to move forward or look backward, the push and pull of time, the need to trudge but also wallow in what could have been done better."

Löwin are self-releasing Royal Jelly, and you can pre-order the EP here. The band will be playing a very special show on April 18 in honor of the debut at Cheer Up Charlies in Austin; you can find more details at this location.