Falling Still — a trio of L.A.-based indie rockers originally from Akron, Ohio — are back with 'Hot Piss,' a new mini-EP out today (June 25). Don’t be fooled by the disc’s irreverant title; the tunes are catchy and anthemic, and Diffuser.fm is pleased to offer this, um, exclusive stream of 'Hot Piss' below.

"This is a more honest representation of our creative process than anything else we've done,” explained bassist/vocalist Brett Hamilton. “We're just three filthy-mouthed degenerates trying to make something beautiful."

"This EP is a rite of spring for us," he added.

All three tracks — ‘I’m Pissed,’ 'Castle Walls' and ‘Gods of the Echospace’ — tell the story of a troubled character who suffered through a sad and dangerous childhood. However, despite their rather dark themes, the songs contain undeniable vigor and energy.

“We’ve found that the EP format of releasing fewer songs more often helps keep things interesting for both us and our fans,” said vocalist/guitarist Eric Podnar. “We have so much music we want to make right now, and by regularly putting out new material and tirelessly playing live, we're finally in a position to get it all out there."

Click here for a free download of Falling Still’s ‘I’m Pissed,' and be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter for more info.

Stream Falling Still's 'Hot Piss' EP Below