The music of Dutch electronic group Noisia is featured in the trailer for 'Far Cry 3,' a first-person shooting video game set to hit stores on Sept. 4.

The trailer is nearly three minutes long and resembles a movie trailer. The story is that three tourists vacationing in a tropical paradise stumble upon an island not on the map and find themselves embroiled in a violent war with local criminals who have been stuck on the island for years.

The locals kidnap the tourists and plan to kill them, but one escapes and begins running for his life and scary-looking locals chase after him with machine guns. In the video game, users assume the role of the tourist and must successfully escape from the islands.

One hundred seconds in, as the chase begins, viewers hear an appropriate song, the 16-bit remix of Noisia's 'Machine Gun.' The dubstep-heavy remix incorporates the electronic sounds that mimic gunshots. At times, it's difficult to tell which noises are part of the song and which are from the shooting scenes in the game itself.

Noisia took their name from the word "VISION" viewed upside down. They have been active since 2003 and have captured multiple drum & bass awards at various European music award shows. 'Machine Gun' was previously featured in the video game 'Wipeout.'

Watch Noisia's 'Machine Gun' in the 'Far Cry 3' Trailer