Father John Misty’s new video for ‘Funtimes in Babylon’ unfolds like a quirky post-apocalyptic film. Joshua Tillman, the musician behind the FJM moniker, teamed up with Grant James to co-direct the “clip” (watch above), and he seems to believe that it speaks for itself.

"Music videos don't need blurbs. It's like putting a brief summary before a Garfield comic strip,” said Tillman in a recent press release. “Also when did everyone start calling them 'clips'?  A 'clip' is an excerpt of a whole, I thought. Whoever posts this, don't spoil the ending in your blurb, which will probably read like this: 'Seattle based folk beardo Father John Misty mopes around a deserted, apocalyptic landscape (and shows off some of those infamous dance moves) in this Josh Tillman directed clip for 'Funtimes in Babylon.''"

‘Funtimes in Babylon’ is the opening track from Father John Misty's debut album, ‘Fear Fun,’ which dropped in May 2012 via Sub Pop.