If you're familiar with FinleyKnight's 'Madhatter,' you'd probably be tempted to throw them into the electronic category. But after giving a listen to their new song 'I'm Driving Cars,' it's not so clear. Apparently the Chicago duo has a few musical surprises in store.

Produced by Joey Waronker (who's a member of the Thom Yorke-fronted supergroup Atoms for Peace), 'I'm Driving Cars' starts with just an acoustic guitar that steadily strums before the beat drops in.

The story is a familiar one -- guy has everything but guy is unhappy: "I'm listening to all the others too much / I kind of feel what they want / I'm following all the trends / Until the end and what the magazine sends / But if I just did what I like."

FinleyKnight -- multi-instrumentalist brothers John Finley and Connor Knight Detjen -- are getting set to release their self-titled debut album next month. 'I'm Driving Cars' is a pretty good indication where things are heading. Give a listen to the exclusive premiere below.