Fiona Apple doesn't appear in public very often -- even performing concerts is a rarity for her, nevermind sitting down for a chat on a late night talk show -- so the fact that she swung by 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' on Monday night to do both was big news for Apple fans. Even just hearing her speak during her interview was a weird experience -- we swear we don't remember her voice sounding like that.

Apple and Fallon actually had a lot to speak about -- most notably, Apple's infamous breakdown during a 2004 concert at New York's Roseland Ballroom, a gig which Fallon warmed up. He was able to get his guest to talk about it by ever-so-carefully broaching the subject.

"I opened up. I thought I was funny," recalled Fallon, looking back on his warm-up slot. "I did like 10 minutes of comedy, and then I left, and then I watched you up there and the whole thing was ... crazy." So, what happened next?

"The short answer is that I'm a human being and I was reacting to life and I was overwhelmed and I couldn't handle it," Apple responded. "The real, simplest answer is that I started crying and I could not physically stop crying." Regardless of what happened, it doesn't sound like it was the best of times for her.

"Gosh, I was worried," Fallon added later. "I was worried about you, pal."

"I was worried about me, pal, too," added Apple, adorably.

Following her interview, Apple came back to perform 'Anything We Want' from her new album, 'The Idler Wheel,' with backing from the Roots. Later, she ran through 'Let Me Roll It' with the Roots (in tribute to Paul McCartney, as it was his 70th birthday) -- which the Melvins also recently covered -- as a bonus performance for web viewers only. Check out both performances and her interview below.

Watch Fiona Apple's Interview on 'Jimmy Fallon'

Watch Fiona Apple Perform 'Let Me Roll It' on 'Jimmy Fallon'

Watch Fiona Apple Perform 'Anything We Want' on Jimmy Fallon