Fiona Apple admits that with her big comeback album 'The Idler Wheel...' coming out later this month, she feels some pressure to join in on using the 21st century communication trend known as Twitter (you may have heard of it?) as a promotional tool. And while the singer can't quite bring herself to take part, she does find the random things that other people post to be fascinating.

“They want me to tweet now, but I don’t,” Apple tells Blackbook of her reps at Epic Records. “It doesn’t feel natural to me. But I do find it actually more interesting to see people posting ridiculously mundane s---. I like to hear about what people had for breakfast or what they did all day. It’s interesting because I don’t know how other people live.”

Even just the fact that she has a follow-up to her last album, 'Extraordinary Machine,' nearly seven years later seems like a minor miracle -- and one that she accomplished by keeping its very existence a secret from her label. “I wasn’t fully admitting that I was making an album,” she explains. “I got to use the time in the studio to inspire me to finish other things rather than feel like I was finishing homework to hand in. It wasn’t a lot of pressure. And the record company didn’t know I was doing it, so nobody was looking over my shoulder.”

Now that her secret is out, look for 'The Idler Wheel...' to hit stores on June 19.