One of the many great things about New York City is the certainty that something amazing is happening at any given moment. Sometimes that amazing experience is an impromptu jam session on a subway, other times it might be a celebrity spotting in Central Park. Yesterday (May 13), it was a free pop-up concert in the middle of Times Square, featuring none other than our pal Fitz from Fitz and the Tantrums and X Ambassadors.

For tourists and New York City natives alike, the Applebee's stage seemingly crept up out of nowhere, and by noon the streets were filled with music, courtesy of Fitz who was serving as the house DJ. And it didn't take long for X Ambassadors to walk out on stage to perform their smash hit, "Renegades." Live music in the heart of the Big Apple with the sun shining -- and plenty of grub from Applebee's -- made for one of the best Hump Days in recent memory.

And if Fitz and X Ambassadors weren't your cup of tea -- though, we can't imagine why they wouldn't be! -- international pop star Jason Derulo even made a surprise appearance near the end of the show to sing a couple of tunes.

The show was part of Applebee's Taste the Change festival, and we can only hope they have more gigs like this planned -- we're going to get spoiled!

Fitz (Krista Schlueter)
X Ambassadors (Krista Schlueter)
X Ambassadors (Krista Schlueter)