Minnesota newcomers Five Stories Unfold have thrown their hat into the ring of aggressive pop acts rising in the ranks all around the Twin Cities. The group's single 'I Can Be Anything' starts with a surprisingly metallic breakdown and changes direction abruptly into a "posi"-toned pop-punk track. We met up with Tim, who fronts FSU, to find out what the single means to the band.

"Well, it reflects what I've always been bummed [about] in college, by people with a lack of direction just trying to get trained for mundane tasks to make money," he tells Diffuser.fm. "So this song is an anthem for living and creating the life you truly would want to live, without any of the pressures [that] society and other institutions dictate. Hence the last line: 'Never lose hope, live your life for who you want to be.'"

"I'll always record and write music because that's the person I want to be," he adds. "Not for any other reason than the love for the act of creating."

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