The Flaming Lips paid musical tribute to Radiohead and their fallen comrade, 33-year-old drum technician Scott Johnson, who was killed Saturday night when a structure above the band's stage in Toronto, Canada, collapsed just hours before they were set to perform. During the Lips' own Saturday night gig (as part of the NXNE festival also in Toronto), frontman Wayne Coyne led his band through a cover version of 'Knives Out,' the third single from Radiohead's 2001 album 'Amnesiac.'

"All of our thoughts and all of our collective good karma goes directly to them -- and that will be a lot from you guys, that will be a lot -- and to the families of those that were hurt and especially to the big Radiohead family of the person that unfortunately was killed today," Coyne said to loud audience applause, adding that it was a "great cosmic collision" that the Lips and Radiohead were scheduled to perform so close to each other on the same night.

"We love Radiohead, and we hope that they're able to continue on and be so inspirational," he continued, before launching into 'Knives Out.' "Peace be with their hearts tonight." With that, the minor key piano dirge began, a drum roll quickly coming in followed by Coyne. In all honesty, Coyne's voice was a little shaky, which only reinforced the difficulty of Radiohead singer Thom Yorke's vocal part and added to the gravity of the moment.

The Flaming Lips dealt with their own stage disaster last summer in Tulsa, Okla. when a lighting rig came crashing to the ground during a weather-related incident. Nobody was injured in the incident, which was just one of several unrelated stage accidents last year. The worst recent incident was a collapse before a Sugarland concert at the Indiana State Fair that killed four spectators and injured 40 more.

Watch the Flaming Lips Perform Radiohead's 'Knives Out' in Tribute to Stage Collapse Victims