We know the Flaming Lips are many things, but we didn't expect them to be avid basketball fans. The band has rewritten their 1999 song 'Race for the Prize' to rally behind their hometown team the Oklahoma City Thunder and their quest for an NBA title.

Thanks to an assist from their Twitter followers, the Flaming Lips have re-recorded the 'Soft Bulletin' track with new lyrics to pump up the Thunder and their fans. As Pitchfork reports, the new name for the song is 'Thunder Up: Race for the Prize.' Lyrics like, "Thunder came thunderin," practically guarantee the team the Larry O'Brien trophy. Watch highlights from the Thunder's season with 'Thunder Up: Race for the Prize' in the background below.

The Flaming Lips have been keeping themselves busy in 2012. They recently shot the music video for 'The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face,' which is off their Record Store Day release ‘The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends.’

The group will also attempt to break the world record of the most shows played at different locations in a 24-hour period. That benchmark is currently held by hip-hop icon Jay-Z with performances in seven shows in seven different cities back in 2006.

Listen to the Flaming Lips' 'Thunder Up: Race for the Prize'