With Halloween just a day away, Flight Facilities seem ready for holiday -- they've released a horror parody for the new music video for 'Sunshine.'

Directed by Uncle Friendly, the video looks just like a typical day in sunny California. However when you add the musicians and Reggie Watts, who stars in the visual, it takes a hilarious turn.

Filmed in Venice Beach, Watts lip-syncs along to the vocals and freestyle dances to the disco-funk track. Between the mid-tempo synth beat and the playful lyrics, the Aussie electronic duo's track will likely inspire you to get on your feet. Midway through the video, it transitions to a teen couple making out in a car before they are freaked out by a vampire -- played by Watts. Although the two start screaming, Count Watts acts like the Fonz from 'Happy Days.'

"This is one of our favorite tracks from 'Down to Earth' and captures everything we love about the classic '70s sound," Flight Facilities said about the video.

'Down to Earth' hit store shelves this week via Future Classic -- pick it up here.