It's summer, and we all know what that means: hanging out with your friends, road trips, good times you'll remember forever. All of these are captured in the new video for 'Breaking Down' by Florence + the Machine.

The clip is a journey of sorts by the band from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and back, with a detour through New Orleans, which is not the fastest way to make that trip. Beginning with a superimposed American flag pinwheel, the video draws heavily on Americana imagery.

We see palm trees, people throwing a football in a swimming pool, Mardi Gras Indians and the always-spectacular fountains at the Bellagio hotel in Vegas. Florence and her band make appearances throughout.

Even though the footage is new, it's all given a washed-out look, as if the whole thing was shot with the Instagram app to give it a sense of nostalgia.

It may seem strange for Florence + the Machine to release a video that uses American iconography, given that the band is British. And to release it so close to Independence Day, which, to the British might as well be called Traitor's Day, seems like a bit of an odd choice. And yet, it all seems to work well.

Watch the Florence + the Machine 'Breaking Down' Video