With How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful hitting the streets in less than two weeks, Florence + the Machine have released yet another track from their long-awaited third album. Stream it in the player above.

Entitled "Delilah," the track starts off slow, driven by a melodic piano and Florence Welch's voice. As the harmonizing backup vocals ring in, the sound and tempo picks up after Welch sings, "To fast for freedom / Sometimes it all falls down / These chains never leave me / I keep dragging them around," in a high falsetto.

Suddenly, the song goes from a warm-up to a sprint and will make you want to get up and clap along to the beat. Despite the lively mood the song has, there is a struggle in the lyrics. While she wants to be free from the pain that she's feeling, Welch can't seem to let it all go. "Now I'm dancing with Delilah and her vision is mine / Holding on for your call / A different kind of danger in the daylight / I can never let go / Take Anything to cut you I can find / Holding on for you call / A different kind of dancer in the daylight," she delivers.

"Delilah" is the sixth track on How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. The U.K. band has previously released "St. Jude," "What Kind of Man," and "Ship to Wreck."

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful will drop on June 2 via Island Records.