Judging from her recent performance on ABC's 'Good Morning America,' Florence Welch seems to be recovering nicely from the vocal issues that forced Florence + the Machine to cancel several European dates while she rested her voice. But while Welch certainly is grateful to have her pipes working again, she admits that one sacrifice she made while getting better has not been easy: kicking her caffeine addiction.

"No tea, no coffee! That was the hardest part," she tells Us Weekly. "I had been on such a caffeine kick up until then. I was fully back on five diet cokes a day and two coffees in the morning. I was really twitching my way through life, but I was completely loving it. And I had to cut it out completely. And I managed to get properly hurt again and had to cut everything out, so I'm back on the herbal tea."

Much like she did during her 'GMA' visit, Welch describes losing her voice as a something she felt happen. "I actually felt something go pop or snap, or whatever," she explains. "Whatever it is, it was very frightening. I had to really adjust because it happened in the middle of a show."

That said, Florence + the Machine have resumed touring and Welch insists that her voice has fully healed. "I think it's back a hundred percent," she says. Now the one question that remains: Is she drinking coffee again?