Florence Welch has officially accomplished half of the goals she set for herself when she started Florence + the Machine. Now, all she has left to do is convince Justin Timberlake to join her in the studio.

"When I was a teenager, we were obsessed with Justin Timberlake,” Welch explains to Rolling Stone, “so when me and [bandmate Isabella Summers] started making music, we said, 'The goal is, we gotta meet Justin Timberlake and get him to come to the studio.'"

Welch pulled off the first part of that recently when she attended the Met Ball, an annual fashion gathering held at New York City’s Met Museum. It was her second time at the Ball, and while there she managed to run in to her teen idol.

Part two will have to wait. When asked if she propositioned Timberlake with some time in the studio together, she admits that she didn’t. “No, I was too shy," she says.

And now Welch may have one more thing to accomplish before all her Florence + the Machine goals are met. After dropping Kanye West and Usher as the names of two more dream collaborators, she adds, "I think Usher, Kanye and Justin Timberlake all on one song would be amazing."