From talking about Ebola to profiling the Foo Fighters, CBS’ ’60 Minutes’ covered it all on Sunday night's (Oct. 26) episode. If you missed it -- or you want to relive the excitement without Ebola -- check out the Foo’s segment in the video above.

Calling them one of the “last great American rock bands that consistently sells millions of albums and fills stadiums around the world,” Anderson Cooper dove in deep with Dave Grohl about all things Foo-related. Even with their admittedly massive international appeal, ’60 Minutes’ wasn’t that interested in the band until their new album, ‘Sonic Highways,’ came to their attention.

“It’s a mix of music history, journalism, songwriting and old-fashioned rock and roll. It’s unlike anything any rock band has ever attempted,” Cooper said at the beginning of the feature.

In addition to the new album and HBO series, Cooper and Grohl imagined how the rock star would do on ‘American Idol.’ “Oh, I would never make it, ever, in a heartbeat,” Grohl confidently stated. “People need to appreciate their voice. I don’t want to sing like someone else. I want to sing like me.”

And once you're done catching up on the feature that aired on TV, make sure to check out some web exclusive content below, courtesy of ’60 Minutes Overtime’:

Being a Foo Fighter

The Drumming Greats of the Foo Fighters

The Console at the Heart of the Music

You Think You Know the Foo Fighters?

The Foo Fighters' eight-episode series on HBO, ‘Sonic Highways,’ continues this week with its third installment. And on Nov. 10, their latest full-length album of the same name hits store shelves. Get details on the RCA Records album here.