With each new episode of 'Sonic Highways,' the Foo Fighters have been playing intimate club gigs across the country. This Friday (Dec. 5) marks the finale of the eight-part HBO series, and it takes the Foos to New York City where they collaborated with Tony Visconti and Kristeen Young on the track, 'I Am a River.' Check out the preview for the episode below:

And like they've done for the past seven weeks, Dave Grohl and company will cap off the episode with a live performance, this week at the 1,025-capacity venue, Irving Plaza. This concert will likely look a little different than their scheduled 2015 New York gig, which is at the 45,000-capacity Citi Field baseball stadium.

Foo Fighters

If you're in the area -- or you're booking your flight right now so you will be in the area -- there are some important details to keep in mind with this show:

1) Tickets go on-sale at 5PM ET at the box office on Dec. 5
2) There are no line-ups prior to 3PM ET
3) Two ticket limit per person
4) $20 per ticket
5) All ages

Doors will open at 7PM, and ticket-holders will get to view the New York City 'Sonic Highways' episode at 9PM, and then the Foos kick things off at 10PM -- for what will surely be an unforgettable, sweat-soaked night.

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