Flash back to the early 2000s: the Foo Fighters had fallen from 'Everlong' era glory, drummer Taylor Hawkins nearly died of a drug overdose in 2001, and the stadium-packing heavy rock band was on the verge of breaking up -- all while recording 2002 album 'One by One,' an album that had entire recording session junked before re-recording. Demos from the left-for-dead first draft have now leaked online.

As GrungeReport reports, the Foos recorded a whole version of the album before scrapping it and starting again -- what frontman Dave Grohl refers to as the 'Million Dollar Demos.' Seven figures or not, these tracks are rough around the edges, given the tumult that was present in the studio. That might have been an assett -- a little grit is good for the grunge.

You gotta love the crunch of 'Come Back.' It sounds a chunk heavier than the album version, and the Grohl growl is in full throat. In contrast, the near-ballad 'Have It All' reminds us of Grohl at his sweetest -- and this track's 'demo' is crisper than most bands' final cuts. Listen to new (old) versions of 'Come Back' and 'Have It All' below.

And if that's not enough Foo for you, they and the Arcade Fire will back up Mick Jagger on this week's 'Saturday Night Live.'

Listen to the Foo Fighters' 'Come Back' Demo

Listen to the Foo Fighters' 'Have It All' Demo