To be in a rock band--and still relevant--for two decades is amazing; to be in two might be a miracle. That's the case for guitarist Stone Gossard, who last year celebrated twenty years of Pearl Jam, and this year marks twenty with Brad (the band, not a dude) — who have a new album out on April 24, 'United We Stand.'

Hit up the band's website to grab single 'A Reason to Be in My Skin' for the cost of your precious email address. The song has a pleasantly plodding rhythm, paint-by-numbers rhyming (skin with win? Really?) and enough of a melody to be worth the promo spam. If need more, catch Brad at one of three West Coast shows, listed below.

Billboard writes that the guitarist doesn't consider Brad to be a side project, though taking that angle without a direct quote saying so is a little sketchy.

"It's a little weird trying to be in two bands," Gossard said in the interview. "It's more common these days, for sure, but it's always been a little bit of a struggle with me being in Pearl Jam and those other guys being in Satchel and Shawn [Smith] being in Pigeonhed, too. [Brad] has always felt like a little bit of a no man's land where we're making records together but then maybe it's not quite as serious of a band, and Pearl Jam casts such a big shadow."

OK, so maybe it's a teensy bit of a side project.

4/27 – Seattle, Wash. |  Showbox at the Market
5/3 – Los Angeles, Calif. | Troubadour
5/4 – San Francisco, Calif. | Cafe du Nord