Foster the People frontman Mark Foster recently revealed that he's collaborating with Taylor Swift -- but that's not the only thing up this band's sleeves. They're keeping fans on their toes by dropping a few hints about their upcoming album.

The band is piecing together ideas for the follow-up to their 2011 studio release of 'Torches.' While they're still in the beginning stages of planning the new record, they have high and exciting hopes for it. As Foster commented to Billboard, "I think it's going to take a lot of left turns ... It's going to be really celebratory ... I think there's going to be more grit, and I think it's gonna be extremely percussive." He also mentioned that the new music will likely be greatly influenced by what he's been listening to lately, like the Kinks and the Clash.

According to Foster, touring the world has a lot to do with the shape and direction of their music. He said that they've "never really gotten to travel and songwrite at the same time" and that venturing outside of his comfort zone is "gonna open up a whole different perspective on the way I look at the world." He went on to state his belief that "uncomfortability sometimes produces the best art."

It sounds like Foster the People have quite a fun, experimental journey ahead of them. Currently on tour in North America, they plan to visit Japan, England, and France later this summer.