Fraser A. Gorman pays homage to Ron Burgundy and his KVWN Channel 4 team with his new music video for "Shiny Gun" -- check it out above.

Directed by Sunny Leunig, the video takes us to a Canberra television studio where Gorman plays an anchor for the Australian station's evening news. Friend and fellow Aussie, Courtney Barnett, plays the sportscaster while musicians Angus Agars, who goes by Gus in the clip, is the breaking news reporter and a depressed-looking Davey Lane is the weatherman.

"In August 1972, four journalists from Canberra news Ch5 (Australia) were sacked for being 'unprofessional," the opening credits of the visual read, complete with 1970s TV news fanfare. "They went on to form a band."

The team members do terrible at their jobs -- if you think they're actually doing it. While Gorman presents the news with a chicken on his desk, both Barnett and Lane are dazed in their own worlds. And Agars just paces back and forth in front of the camera, clueless about what's happening. However, things change once the show's producer hands Lane an electric guitar, and the camera pans out to show Barnett with one, too.

And it's clear the team knows what its calling is -- music.

"Shiny Gun" is the latest offering off Fraser's upcoming album, Slow Gum. The LP hits the streets on June 29 via Barnett's Milk! imprint with Marathon Artists and House Anxiety. In the meantime, you can check out the album art below as well as pre-order your copy for the record via Rough Trade or iTunes.

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