Making millions for having your music played in dramatic 'Grey's Anatomy' montages might sound like a pretty good gig, but like all jobs, it comes with occupational hazards -- just ask Fray frontman Isaac Slade, whose band's runaway success has not prevented him from being gripped in the sort of bloodthirsty rage that leads a person to publicly vow he will punch one of his peers in the mouth. Slade's intended victim? The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers.

Of course, it would be hard to argue that a man who walks around with feathers glued to the shoulders of his jacket is not in need of a little good old-fashioned violence, but Flowers' fashion statements didn't have anything to do with Slade's (admittedly seemingly good-natured) threat. Instead, Slade caught Flowers making fun of the Fray's music at a Killers concert, telling his fans to get into the music by saying, "Come on, stand up and dance. This isn't a f---ing Fray show."

Talking to the Daily Star about the Fray's new album, 'Scars & Stories,' Slade recounted watching the video and admitted, "All I could do was laugh because that's true - we do have a very thoughtful, sensitive crowd who don't get to dance much."

But that doesn't mean Slade isn't willing to defend his supporters. "I'll pay Brandon back for picking on our fans," he promised. "Next time I see him I'll have to punch him in the mouth."

Flowers, currently in the studio with the Killers recording the band's fourth studio album, could not be reached for comment. We look forward to watching these two settle their differences in a tastefully lit slow-motion battle, interspersed with clips from 'One Tree Hill.'