BMW's latest offering, the BMW i, is a line of electric-powered vehicles. Fittingly, a French commercial promoting the luxury car features the music of an electro artist. What's the song in the ad?

The track is 'Odd Look' by Kavinsky, a French house music producer. The pulsing instrumental track had never been heard by the public before its use in the clip. It serves as the background music as viewers see the BMW i3 -- a smaller car similar in shape to a VW -- and the i8, a progressive sportscar.

The commercial features both sleek silver vehicles racing through the streets of an urban environment. The ad also shows the driver stopping to plug in to a charger, demonstrating how the electric vehicle gets its power. The BMW i models will be available for retail purchase in 2013.

One person excited about the BMW i is Kavinsky himself, who tweeted, "gob-smacked about the BMW i8 Spyder." 'Odd Look' has yet to see an official release, but it could appear on Kravinsky's next album, 'Outrun,' which is set to drop in 2013. Music from his last album, 'Nightcall,' was used in the Ryan Gosling film 'Drive.'

Hear Kavinsky's 'Odd Look' in the French BMW i Commercial