The phrase Fresh Body Shop evokes images of homemade makeup, exfoliating scrubs, delicate lotions and (possibly) a morgue. However you feel about such a phrase, you'll be pleased to know that it's actually a one-man band from Nantes, France.

Singer Pedro Rousseau melds the electro stylings of LCD Soundsystem with some of Spoon's more melodic pieces for a "fresh" sounding "body" of work that would surely sound amazing in a spa.

His single 'Warm Up' is a bouncy, beat-driven pop hit. With subtle pads of bit-crushed sythwork, Fresh Body Shop incite a frenzy of productivity inside your rock-depleted brain cavity.

"'Warm Up' is the very last track off 'Fresh Body Shop,'" Rousseau tells "It's a mix of pop and electronic. I wrote it on an acoustic guitar and then removed completely the guitar during the recording, only keeping the voice to set up an electronic style melody."

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