Hopefully you've been enjoying Diffuser.fm's daily free MP3 downloads, one of the newest daily features added to our site. With so many great indie and alternative bands out there eager to share their latest tunes, we've been tracking down as much free music as we can for our readers.

And now, we bring you all seven of the free MP3 downloads we've posted in the last week, packaged in one handy .zip file. Read a little about each song below, and at the bottom of the page, click the download button to get the .zip -- something we call the Diffuser.fm Friday Free MP3 Mixtape.

Blind Benny, 'Chewjitsu' - New York duo Blind Benny's ‘No Honor' is full of catchy, deceptively simple pop ditties that each tell a tale -- literally. “[It's] a collection of short stories,” the band tells Diffuser.fm. “No gimmicks. No autotune. Just some real stories to listen to."

White Ash Falls, 'I Can't Get Tomorrow' - "For White Ash Falls, I’m writing for myself, and this is what comes out,” Andy Bishop, the ex-Red Cedar frontman and reformed punk rocker, says of his solo project, which meanders between gorgeous alt-country and folk on the new single 'I Can't Get Tomorrow.'

International Karate, 'When Trouble Comes My Way' - Prolific band joiner Thomas Rehbein goes swimming in a new, reverb-soaked direction with ‘Panic United,’ the debut album from his International Karate project. 'My Way' draws on a “passion for fun, noisy, three-chord songs” and an unabashed love of the Jesus and Mary Chain, says Rehbein.

Swampboots, 'Jitka' - 'Jitka' tells the story of a star-crossed lover who "chooses the celluliod glow of the cinema over a chance at real love,” Swampboots Dylan Shultz says of the single, which blends urban bohemianism and rural rock into an epic drama.

Hungry Ghost, 'Get Up' - Hungry Ghost demand you "get up" on their tune of the same name, and you best listen: The Portland, Ore., trio make gloriously fuzzed-out lo-fi rock 'n' roll with some real swagger. The instrumental jam in the middle of the tune came together like "perfect magic," says Sara Lund, and the rest of the track is more of the same.

Men of North Country, 'People of Tomorrow' - Men of North Country have been called "Israel’s finest soul outfit," and the description fits perfectly. The seven-member collective groove with a decidedly retro vibe on 'People of Tomorrow,' their very promising debut 7-inch single, which mostly just leaves us want for more.

Machine Bird, 'If I' - Norwegian electronica duo Machine Bird turn in a self-described "pompous and mysterious" tune with 'If I,' a stunning synth track influenced by filmmaker David Lynch's classic 'Twin Peaks.' "The preset on the synth we used is actually called 'Lynch,' so we HAD to use it," explains singer Maria Skranes.

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