From Indian Lakes are fresh off the release of their third full-length album, 'Absent Sounds,' in October, and today (Jan. 29), Diffuser is thrilled to keep celebrating their new music with the premiere of their latest music video, 'Awful Things' -- check it out above.

'Awful Things' is an exceptional track with powerful dynamics that highlight From Indian Lakes' craft, one that doesn't focus on any single musical genre and instead strives to create an unforgettable listening experience. 'Awful Things' will stick with you long after founding member Joey Vannucchi's vocals fade away.

The accompanying visual for the track brings the eerily beautiful arrangements to life. "I can remember the exact moment in the van on tour when this idea popped into my head," Vannucchi tells us. "I began storyboarding it and talking to my close friend, Guy Samuelson, about filming with me. We started production only a day or two after getting home from that tour, and we didn't stop until it was finished. I'm so happy with the way it turned out."

He continues, "Rarely do you get to create something that ends up being so close to what you pictured in your mind. Guy has such a wonderful eye and really captured the emotion the song conveys."

From Indian Lakes are gearing up for a huge North American tour, kicking things off on March 25 in Seattle and wrapping it up on May 3 in Fresno. You can get their full tour itinerary at their official website -- and make sure to check out their latest studio record, 'Absent Sounds,' here.