The terms "edgy" and "Fruit of the Loom" may never have appeared together in the same sentence before, but the age-old underwear company gets hip in its latest series of commercials, one of which is called 'Anthem' and features electronic dance music set to images of skaters, breakdancers and cliff jumpers.

The song in the minute-long spot is 'Head Up' by Mako, a DJ duo from California composed of Logan Light and Alex Seaver. This Mako is not to be confused with the British DJ named Mako, who released a different song called 'Head Up' in 2010 for Abaga Records.

The progressive instrumental track plays throughout the ad, which, in addition to the extreme athletes, also shows men and women doing backflips in slow motion while wearing Fruit of the Loom underwear. The only text appearing is the motto, "You move. It moves with you."

Mako have yet to release an album, but they have been praised for both their original compositions and for their credentials, which included formal music instruction in college. 'Head Up' is available as a free download from the Fruit of the Loom website, which currently offers five downloads from cutting-edge acts who participated in the brand's 'Move to Comfort' campaign, which began during the Summer Olympics.

Hear Mako's 'Head Up' in the Fruit of the Loom Commercial