Fugazi have been on indefinite hiatus since 2003, but the legendary post-hardcore band's drummer, Brendan Canty, has been keeping busy with an assortment of musical projects, including composing documentary soundtracks and playing with various local bands. His latest endeavor is a new project with Washington D.C.-based rocker and DJ Rich Morel called Deathfix, and the two are ready to issue their debut album later in 2012.

Morel recently spoke up about the project with Weeping Elvis. "About two years ago we started writing and recording songs at [Canty's] place, which is about two blocks from where I live so it’s convenient," Morel tells the music blog. "We’re both writing together and singing together. There’s guitars, keyboards, drums."

The two recently recruited drummer Devin Ocampo and bassist Mark Cisneros to fill out their ranks, and now are recording as a full band and performing live. "We’re in the process of re-recording songs with the band, but some of the original recordings will remain intact," Morel says of the four-piece, which played a pair of regional shows back in January. "Locally the reception has been really great.  Everything always surprises me.  As soon as we finish the recording we’ll be releasing the record.  On a personal level, it’s been really great writing with Brendan and the full band."

While Morel expects the album to "come out in late summer or by fall," eager fans can preview the track 'Low Lying Dreams' below. He also expects Deathfix to hit the road by the end of October, although tour plans have yet to be fleshed out.

Listen to Deathfix's 'Low Lying Dreams'