Fugazi were never really big on doing things according to record industry protocol, so it makes sense they're planning to release their first demos this winter -- a mere 26 years after they were recorded.

Dischord, the longtime label of the quintessential post-hardcore outfit, released a statement announcing it will officially put out 1988's 'First Demo' later this year. According to the company, Fugazi laid down 11 songs in January 1988 at Inner Ear Studio in Virginia after playing only 10 shows. Ten of the songs were dubbed to cassette and distributed for free at shows as the band encouraged fans to share the recording.

Now Dischord will release the entire session along with the 11th song, 'Turn Off Your Guns,' which appeared only on the 'State of the Union' compilation released in 1989.

The release of 'First Demo' will coincide with the completion of the first round of uploads to the Fugazi Live Series website. Launched in 2011, the site includes details on all of Fugazi’s thousands of live performances and makes almost 900 concert recordings available to the public.

Check out this video from a 1988 performance at Montgomery College in Maryland: