This year has taken fun. from opening for Paramore to topping the Billboard charts, but all that success comes with a certain number of pitfalls -- including the risk of spawning a growing number of parodies of the band's big hit single, 'We Are Young.'

The members of fun. talked about said parodies -- which include 'We Are Drunk' and 'We're Not Young' -- during a recent interview with MTV, and they didn't sound terribly amused. "I get an e-mail about every other day being like, 'You've gotta see this parody.' I'm not going to go Coolio on the situation and say I'm not into parodies, but I'm going to say, chances are, it's not funny," said singer Nate Reuss, referencing the rapper's infamous reaction to being parodied by Weird Al Yankovic.

Continued Ruess, "Maybe I have a high standard for what's funny, but I'm just going to go with 'We Are Not Young,' you probably are not funny. Like, that level of comedy that I just did was the exact same level of comedy that they're doing." Decide for yourself -- watch a few of the parodies below.

That doesn't mean the band doesn't appreciate the attention, of course. "I think the bottom line is ... we're happy the song is culturally relevant enough to be a parody. That's a huge milestone for us," pointed out guitarist Jack Antonoff, no doubt recalling their days slogging through clubs while promoting their first release, 'Aim & Ignite.' "No matter how good they are, it's cool that someone actually did it. It's an honor to be made fun of."

Watch the fun. Parody 'We Are Drunk'

Watch the fun. Parody 'We're Not Young'

Watch the fun. Parody 'We Are Dumb'

Watch the fun. Parody 'We Are Old'