You can literally expect an extra dose of fun. this coming weekend at Bonnaroo. The breakout rockers say they can't wait to take the Bonnaroo stage and feel it might be the highlight of their year.

Guitarist Jack Antonoff tells Billboard, "[It's just] our best show of the year and probably one of our best shows of all time." For the guitarist, Bonnaroo is just the next cool thing in a party that doesn't seem to be winding down.

"We have a big song and that's slightly unexpected and thrilled and amazing," he explains. "It's almost like the party's been happening, and now a lot of people are kind of jumping in. Yes, I think there's going to be a lot of people that are like, 'Oh that band with that song …,' but I think the majority of people packed in that tent are going to be fun. fans because they're out there, and we have no doubt they'll be at Bonnaroo."

Antonoff says Bonnaroo will be just another great opportunity to expand their audience, and he's excited to see how the diverse crowd will accept their music. "I think that our old fans take a lot of pride in explaining to all these new people what a fun. show is," he adds. "And Bonnaroo to me is going to be just a wonderful culmination of those two things."

The festival also offers Antonoff a chance to reflect, as Bonnaroo was one of the first major events his former band, Steel Train, played back in 2005. He recalls, "It felt like f---ing Live Aid, like those videos I grew up watching Queen playing. I was just turned around and shocked. It was completely just a sensory overload-type situation. I'll always think about that as probably my favorite show of all time."

Fun., currently supporting their singles 'We Are Young' and 'Some Nights,' will take the stage at Bonnaroo Sunday evening.