The 2012 MTV Movie Awards got off to a solid start Sunday night with the drum beats of fun.'s ever-present hit 'We Are Young' kicking off the show.

As the stage faded in from black, the spotlight was on a single drum with guitarist Jack Antonoff delivering the blows that kicked off the song. As the camera pulled back, the entire group dressed for the occasion in matching white tuxedos with black bow ties, which stood out against the red cubed backdrop.

Midway through the track, the group brought out the song's guest vocalist, Janelle Monae, who dressed in a black tuxedo, black hat and white bow tie, which contrasted perfectly with singer Nate Ruess when the two joined at the mid-audience stage meeting point.

While both singers belted their hearts out to 'We Are Young,' they were also backed by a full choir giving the song the gravitas it needed.

'We Are Young' put the audience in a great mood, as attendees like Jennifer Aniston, Channing Tatum, Ellie Kemper, Elizabeth Banks, Charlize Theron, and Michael Fassbender were shown enjoying the set.