Fun. is the band at the right place at the right time in 2012. The band's energetic and uplifting music has turned up all over the place, and Sunday night it appeared in the season finale of NBC's drama 'Harry's Law.'

The group themselves did not appear, but toward the end of the episode, their song 'Some Nights' provided the inspiration for a singalong at a bash being thrown by Kathy Bates' character. The song was performed by one of the firm's lawyers, Cassie Reynolds (played by actress Karen Olivo), and a judge who had appeared earlier in the episode, played by Lisa Nicole Carson.

Carson's appearance was a nice nod to the past, as her 'Ally McBeal' character was part of that law firm's signature singalongs at the bar. Not so coincidentally, both series came from the mind of David E. Kelley, who has produced such legal dramas for television as 'Boston Legal,' 'The Practice,' and 'L.A. Law.' NBC recently canceled 'Harry's Law' after its second season, which concluded last night, and 'Some Nights' came off as a cast celebration for a series saying goodbye.

Fun. is continuing to promote the 'Some Nights' album with their title track. They're currently in the midst of a tour, and will play the MTV Movie Awards on June 3 and 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' the following night.

Watch the Cast of 'Harry's Law' Sing Fun.'s 'Some Nights'