An album that blends polished, catchy hooks with gritty, raw melodies, Future Monarchs’ upcoming full-length LP, ‘Deserters,’ is built on quite the eclectic foundation. Ahead of the record’s release tomorrow (Sept. 23), Diffuser has teamed up with the Chicago-based indie rock outfit to debut the album's opening track, 'Give It Up.' Check out the new tune in the player below.

'Give It Up' perfectly captures the overall diverse dynamic that the Future Monarchs have created on their debut studio effort. With a guitar riff that harkens memories of the Beatles' 'Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da' and a bridge that becomes instantly familiar ("Pick up and just go home / Because I really gotta be alone / Pick up and leave this place / Because I'm always gonna be the same"), 'Give It Up' is a compelling track that will likely garner several back-to-back listening sessions.

"This song is about trying to give up the day-to-day routine and seeing past the fears in your life that hold you back," the band tells us. The upbeat musical arrangements put together by the Future Monarchs and the lyrics themselves serve to enhance that noble intention.

'Deserters' is out Sept. 23. Get complete details on the Future Monarchs' debut full-length release here.