Gemini Club, a four-piece hailing from Chicago, create their unique sound by blending rock and roll with electronic music -- and they do so expertly. Only five years into their burgeoning career, they have toured with the likes of Awolnation, American Authors and Interpol (just to name a few).

In 2013, Gemini Club partnered with Red Bull to produce the music video for their synth-rock track, 'Sparklers' (check it out below). Now, a year later, they are gearing up to kick off 'Red Bull Sound Select Presents: 30 Days In L.A.,' a massive event that presents 60 must-see artists in 30 different venues throughout Los Angeles in November. Get complete details on the event here.

As they prepare for their show on Nov. 1 at the Luxe City Center Hotel Parking Lot alongside Cut Copy and Wrestlers, Gemini Club frontman Tom Gavin took a few minutes out of their increasingly busy schedule to catch up with us.

First off, how does it feel to be a part of 'Red Bull Sound Select Presents: 30 Days In LA'?

We've been huge fans of Cut Copy for a while and have met them once here in Chicago, but only for a few minutes. Wrestlers are our brothers in arms and we love them, so we're incredibly stoked and looking forward to spending some quality catch-up time. When you look at the line-up as a whole, we can't help but feel pretty honored to help kick off a festival stacked with so many artists we admire.

Your relationship with Red Bull far surpasses just the upcoming '30 Days In L.A.' -- you produced the music video for 'Sparklers' with them as well as recorded in their studios. How did you first get hooked up with them?

It started in Chicago when we played a show with the Crystal Ark and were introduced to their crew then. From there it slowly built. We found ourselves running into each other around town and discussing ideas on where we thought the music business was headed, or how music should be released and eventually found ourselves on the same page. I think it's really awesome that they've offered us the ability to elevate our work in our own way and we're happy about the video and really proud of all the recording we've done.

You’ve been writing and recording music as Gemini Club for five years now -- how has your creative process evolved over time? Are there things you continue to do today that you did when you first started as a band?

Our process is a lot less chaotic than the beginning, but that isn't to say we don't incorporate the raw moments that make records unique. We certainly have a better understanding of the process and have been able to more easily refine our ideas, and the importance of melody hasn't changed at all. That's still king to us.

How are things looking for your next release? 

We're mixing five new tracks now and I think it's our best sounding work yet. We have been playing three of them this summer and it's been cool to see songs no one has heard before go over so well. That's a really great way to gauge where you're at in your process and if this summer is any indication, I think we're on the right track. The new songs build on what we've done, but in a more lush and grand way. We recorded the synths, guitars and bass through amps and tracked all the drums live, so the feel is a bit more natural. At the same time, some of those synth sounds are vicious and brash, so it's still a blend of harder tendencies with clean pop tones.

Why do you think electronic music is able to fit in with rock and roll?

Well, I think it all started when artists started adding analog synths and samples to their music, and now we're using computers as well. Most us are looking to capture the sounds and ideas in our heads and technology helps brings those to life. Guitars and rock and roll will always have a place in the world, we're just trying to bolster it.

You’ve traveled the country playing your unique brand of music; are there certain spots that seem to be more open to what you’re doing?

I think we run the gamut enough to please most people, but places like New York City, L.A., D.C. and Chicago have really been amazing to grow in. That said, we still have a lot of traveling to do and new faces to see, so I hope that list grows as well.

You call your sound “both classic and driven toward the future.” What classic artists do you draw inspiration from?

The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Phil Spector, Miles Davis, Grant Green, John Coltrane, Television, Pink Floyd, Frank Sinatra, Pavarotti, Buzzcocks, Weezer, Nirvana, New Order, LCD Soundsystem, the Strokes, Bob Dylan. I could go on ...

Are there any new acts out there today that have piqued your interests?

Phantogram, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, Wrestlers, Dum Dum Girls, Chromatics, Flume, Goldroom, RAC, SPEAK, the Orwells, Lykke Li, Probcause. Again, I could go on and on …

Gemini Club's Official Music Video for 'Sparklers'