While some live videos are filmed to look like they are homemade or fan-filmed, George Maple decided to go for a more cinematic look with the video for 'Vacant Space.'

Directed by Patrick Fileti, the dark visual looks like something out of 'The Matrix.' As the camera closes in on Maple and her band, shards of glass slowly fly toward the screen as if a gigantic mirror has just been broken.

But as she described the writing of the song, it's more than just shattered glass -- it's a broken heart.

"'Vacant Space' has become my favorite track on the EP but it took me a while to even decide to include it in on the record," Maple told Fader. "I guess It's written from a pretty sad place. It's that moment you have where you realize something's not working anymore and you're hanging onto something out of familiarity or comfort. The whole song came together so quickly but it was almost uncomfortable to re-visit after I had written it. I was being honest with myself about a situation for the first time and I don't think wanted to admit it to myself. I think a lot of the time the truth can be a lot more painful to deal with."

'Vacant Space' is the title track off the Australian singer's debut EP, which you can grab on iTunes now.