Earlier this week, Howe Gelb's Giant Sand celebrated the release of their latest full-length effort, Heartbreak Pass, via New West Records. Highlighting the band's evolution over the course of three decades, the new album also showcases Gelb's eclectic musical tastes, all wrapped up in one impossible-to-define genre of his own. Along with Heartbreak Pass, the band has unveiled the official -- and officially bizarre -- music video for the LP's fourth track, "Transponder" -- check it out above.

"We get seduced by the trend of the day. You can see in music how trends have changed over the years and what songs sound embarrassing later in life," Gelb recently told us in an exhaustive interview about the new album and Giant Sand's history. "If you can avoid that temptation ... then that might be the right path. I think we've done that."

While there is no single track that can represent the entirety of Heartbreak Pass, "Transponder" stands as a bold statement for Gelb and Giant Sand's ability to buck those trends of the day.

Giant Sand have several gigs scheduled across Europe for the foreseeable future; you can find their complete tour itinerary here, and make sure you pick up Heartbreak Pass at this location.