As Brooklyn-based indie rock five-piece Gillian get ready for the release of their latest EP, 'Colorize,' in early April, Diffuser is very excited to premiere the official music video for 'Freak Flag' -- check it out above.

'Freak Flag' is first and foremost an instantly catchy song; featuring beautiful dynamics throughout, the track is one that most listeners will likely find some encouragement in, if not flat out inspiration.

Guitarist Geoff Bennington tells us, "'Freak Flag' is a celebration of uninhibited individuality and creative expression -- the feeling of being truly lost in a moment and reacting only to the moment in a passionate and unbridled way." As for the video, he says it "explores the theme as it follows a house-sitter who throws on some headphones and dances around the house like no one is watching -- an act I certainly hope everyone who sees it is guilty of."

Kym Hawkins, the house-sitter in 'Freak Flag' and Gillian's frontwoman, admits the music video was a lot of fun to create. "It was a very organic set-up which checked out since none of us are actors," she tells us. "Just lots of hanging out for the guys and some loose choreography for me. I definitely got a bit tipsy on champagne during the retakes."

At the helm of the video was director Andrew Moorehead. He wanted to make something very simple while using the sound of 'Freak Flag' as a visual element, "so that we could experience listening to the song and watching the video at the same time our character is listening to it."

Moorehead goes on, "As for the story, we really just wanted to see someone enjoying themselves on screen and letting themselves go -- it was as simple as that. We used the Movi M10 Stabilizer to achieve the long takes and roving perspective, something that allowed us to get long choreographed takes in a short amount of time and achieve the in-the-moment feeling we were looking for."

As you wait for 'Colorize' to hit the streets on April 7, head over to Gillian's Bandcamp to check out some of their other music -- and to download 'Freak Flag.' And for readers in the New York area, make sure to mark Feb. 20 on your calendars as Gillian will be rocking Arlene's Grocery; get more info on the gig here.