Plenty of Muse fans have been eagerly awaiting the band's new album, 'The 2nd Law' -- but few of them are more famous, or more problematic for the members of the band, than right-wing TV and radio personality Glenn Beck.

Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy has publicly expressed his ambivalence regarding Beck's support of the band's music, saying he's uncomfortable with the way Beck and his ideological compatriots are trying to "take down people like Obama and put forward right-wing libertarianism." Undeterred, Beck recently penned an open letter to Bellamy and his bandmates, explaining why he loves their music.

"As uncomfortable as it might be for you, I will still play your songs loudly," wrote Beck. "To me your songs are anthems that beg for choruses of unity and pose the fundamental question facing the world today – can man rule himself?"

Ignoring the singer's discomfort with his sociopolitical views, Beck continued, "In the Venn Diagram of American politics, where the circles of crimson and blue overlap, there's a place where you and I meet. It's a place where guys who cling to their religion, rights, and guns, connect with godless, clinched-fist-tattoo, guys."

With that mental picture painted, Beck closed with a little bit of understanding and some well wishes, writing, "Matthew, I realise that converts are pretty hard to come by when the stakes are so high and the spotlight so bright, but I thank you for singing words that resonate with man in his struggle to be free. Good luck on the new record."