Generationals are a modest indie rock band from New Orleans who have built up an incredibly impressive track record of getting their songs featured in commercials by huge corporations. The latest is a Google ad that shows off the power of Gmail when it comes to instant online communication.

The entire promo shows nothing more than a user's Gmail inbox. Viewers see the user compose a message with the subject line, "Tickets to tonight's show... who wants them?"

It must be a popular gig, because within seconds of sending the message, the inbox is flooded with eight email replies and several instant messages. One guy even sends a video chat request.  When he is told the tickets are already gone, he ends the three-second convo with a cheerful, "OK, good chat!"

The Generationals song 'Trust' plays throughout the commercial, which ends with the text, "Your inbox has gone Google." 'Trust' is a vibrant tune with throwback surf-pop elements and lyrics about the difficult nature of trust, but the Gmail ad only features the pulsing bass line that opens the track.

'Trust' appears on the group's 2010 EP of the same name. The music of Generationals has also been featured in recent ads for the Taco Bell Doritos Locos taco and for the 2012 Kindle Touch.

Hear Generationals' 'Trust' in the Gmail Spare Tickets Commercial