British alt-rock act Wolf Gang make an audio appearance in the new commercial for GMC's Terrain Small SUV navigation system that follows a white-collar worker who sneaks in some surfing during her work day.

The band's 2011 track 'Lions in Cages' serves as the background music for the 30-second spot. 'Lions in Cages' features the distinct vocals of singer Max McElligott, but in the commercial, only the up-tempo instrumental music can be heard.

The ad shows how GMC's SUV navigation system can be paired with Bluetooth. A woman drives away from her downtown work job, calling colleagues to inform them she will have to attend an important meeting via telephone. She heads to the shore to take in some waves while conditions are perfect, then runs back out to her SUV.

From there, she calls up her office and attends the conference call, as the vehicle's Active Noise Cancellation feature drowns out the sound of the waves. Her co-workers have no idea that she's at the beach. Who wouldn't love to blow off work for a little while to catch some waves?

Wolf Gang is a rising success story in Britain, where McElligott has toured with Metric and Florence + the Machine. 'Lions in Cages' appears on their debut, 'Suego Faults.' U.S fans can check them out as the opening act for select shows on Coldplay's 'Mylo Xyloto' tour this summer from June 22 to July 9.

Watch Wolf Gang's 'Lions in Cages' in the GMC Navigation System Commercial